Nonlinear algebra


The class meets 1:50pm - 3:05pm 2pm-3:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will meet online - using Google Meet. Check your IIT student email for further information on Monday the first day of classes in Fall.


In this course we will discuss systems of polynomial equations (ideals), their solution sets (varieties), and how these objects can be effectively manipulated (algorithms). This is a proofs-based course which treats structure, properties and relationships of these objects. Writing and communicating mathematics is an important part of the course.


Math 230 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics or Math 332 Elementary Linear Algebra. In particular, familiarity with proofs and mathematical structures.

(Note: our textbook says it assumes knowledge of linear algebra. If you have not taken 332 yet and are worried about matrices - you probably met a matrix or two in your calculus courses. You should be able to catch up on the concepts needed in our text; ask, and you will be provided background information on such topics if they arise.)


Sonja Petrović

Office: RE 208. (As if I'll be there in Fall 2020...)

Office hours: Mondays 2:10-3:10pm and Fridays 10-11am.

e-contact: The best way to e-communicate with the instructor is via Campuswire (here is the sign-up link; course code provided during the first lecture). If you must email, please use Sonja.Petrovic@iit.edu and put the course number in the subject line. Your message will generally be answered within 1-2 business days, but generally more efficiently on Campuswire!

Graduate assistant

The graduate assistant for this course is Min-Jhe Lu, who will hold office hours in the virtual math tutoring center 12:30-13:30 on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

e-contact: The best way to contact the TA is to post a note on Campuswire; for example, post questions, photos of your work, etc. to the TA Office Hour Chat Room! For particular personal homework grading inquiries you can send a DM on Campuswire, or email mlu19@hawk.iit.edu.

Learning online

OK, maybe you did not sign up for taking online courses... well, I didn't sign up for teaching online either. But, we are agile; we can do this; we are in this together. I am here to help! Please check out the help pages (Help! and Help getting organized) where I've posted some information you may find useful, or also this resource with tips: