Academic year 2021/22


My short blog entry, inspired by The Slow Professor, says: "As I start this (first ever!) year of sabbatical leave, I set goals for myself: 1) tie up loose ends, close gaps; and 2) reinvent myself." Let's get started!

What is this page all about?!
Perhaps it's a high-level diary of activities during my first ever sabbatical year... and perhaps I want to make sure I keep myself in check and not fall into "the same old routine".


While away, I remain involved with my graduate students (obviously), but also with SoReMo (the Fellows are an inspiration to me!).

January 2022

The DERGMs paper, initiated a few years ago and finally majorly revised in 2021, is going to be published in Network Science!

Have you heard of the FAIR prin
ciple? Have you heard of the MathRepo? Here is info on going FAIR and our related MathRepo link from the December 21 paper.

Social Responsibility
SoReMo fellows from Fall 2021 are wrapping up submissions
, reviews, and revisions of their reports, while the new class of fellows is being selected this week! Stay tuned for more info!

December 2021

Marginal independence models came out of the study of conditional independence structures from matroids! Preprint arXiv:2112.10287.

IMSI approved our long program on Algebraic Statistics, Fall 2023! I have an amazing co-organizing committee - Elizabeth Gross, Jose Rodriguez, Bernd Sturmfels, Mathias Drton, Piotr Zwiernik, Elina Robeva, and Lek-Heng Lim. More information coming soon!

BIRS approved our workshop proposal with Greg Smith and Paul Breiding. See you at Banff in April 2023!

November 2021

Two theorems, cool structure, lots of pictures and computations... That's it for now.

Billy defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr Schwartz! :)

In the early days of November, I re-connected with CERC and found out about an exciting potential for collaborating with Action Lab at the Institute of Design! I am so excited about the opportunity to collaborate with these colleagues outside of my department once I'm back from sabbatical!

A group of 7 colleagues and me -- lead by Laura Forlano (ID) -- applied for Illinois Tech's membership in Public Interest Technology University Network. Fingers crossed!! Let's hope this continues to support our SoReMo students and cross-disciplinary collaboration!

October 2021

This month I'm buried in a new problem. Welcome to math :)

Social Responsibility
In late October, I presented this short slide deck about the SoReMo initiative to the Board of Advisors of the College of Computing.

July/August/September 2021

I'm diving deeper into learning and nonlinear algebra:

  • attending De Loera's research group twice-weekly meetings (Zoom, unfortunately, for now);

  • speaking at Danger workshop (remote) in August 2021;

  • speaking at Breiding's kick-off workshop at MPI-Leipzig in Septembrer 2021;

  • visiting Breiding & Sturmfels at MPI-Leipzig in September 2021.

I'm diving into new topics for statistical network modeling, with my research group, locally.

I'm organizing, too:

  • accepted proposal for an AMS special session at Purdue - with Aida Maraj, who admittedly did most of the work;

  • member of the Executive Committee of MEGA 2022 conference;

  • working on a collaborative workshop proposal for BIRS;

  • submitted a long program to the new institute IMSI in Chicago for one of the upcoming quarters;

  • re-vamping organization of AS2022 - the next US-based conference on Algebraic Statistics, with Elizabeth Gross and Vishesh Karwa -- it is happening in May 2022 with support from NSF to fund junior researchers!


"How to sabbatical" has interesting tips and also defines an academic sabbatical for those random readers of this page who are wondering "what is she talking about?!".

This comment about auto-replies made me laugh; now, I no longer send out the "my inbox is paused the next few days"-type auto-replies - thank you! you're welcome!


My office at MPI Leipzig for two weeks.