Awards & Newsworthy

  • Former undergraduate research group member Jelena Mojsilović's first paper is being revised for the journal Involve! Congrats Jelena on such positive feedback on your first math paper :) I am happy to be your collaborator.

  • PhD student Miles Bakenhus is accepted into an MRC program in summer 2022. (More info coming soon.)

  • In November 2021, I was honored by the College of Computing's Excellence in Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award for the "creation and leadership of the Socially Responsible Modeling, Computation, and Design (SoReMo) initiative".

  • I was the recipient of IIT's Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Science in April 2018.

  • The Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation (CISC) awarded the 2018 seed grant to Lulu Kang (applied math), Mahima Saxena (psychology), and me.

  • I was the recipient of the IIT College of Science teaching excellence award in December 2017.

  • I was the recipient of the IIT College of Science Junior Research Excellence Award in December 2015.

  • As of 2015, I am an Elected Member of the ISI.

  • My PhD student Dane Wilburne spent summer 2015 visiting ISM in Tokyo with the award from the NSF-EAPSI program. He has also received a SIAM Student Travel Award to attend the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry AG17 at Georgia Tech, summer 2017.

  • Information about the DARPA GRAPHS program - my contributions are under Penn State and IIT entries.

Events & Media

  • Since 2020, I am a Managing Editor of Algebraic Statistics, the new community-run journal in the field with MSC-2020 code 62R01! More on community homepage.

  • Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany features my profile as a co-organizer of the Summer School on Randomness and Learning in Non-linear Algebra in July 2019.

  • I taught two short courses in summer schools in 2018.

  • In 2016, AMS sponsored a Mathematics research community on algebraic statistics. It is a one-week summer program for graduate students and postdocs/early-career faculty within 2-3 years of their PhD. I lead the Network Models Working group.

  • Illinois Tech hosted and sponsored Journal of Algebraic Statistics from 2015 until end of 2019, when it was discontinued.

  • Illinois Tech hosted a conference on algebraic statistics May 19-22, 2014. Page 11 of CoS Magazine talks about the conference; the image on the cover page is the as2014 conference logo.

  • Nonlinear algebra and statistics (NLASTATS) seminar at Illinois Tech started in Fall 2019! Find some of the upcoming and past talks here.


  • Featured Woman in STEM: Dr. Sonja Petrovic.
    Written by: Barien Gad and Alisha Khan, President and Vice President of WiSTEM.

Read the interview in the WiSTEM Newsletter April 2021.

  • MATHEMATICS, LIVE! A Conversation with Sonja Petrovic
    Interviewer: Katharine Ott, Bates College.

Read the 2014 interview in the AWM Newsletter.

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Inaugural class of SoReMo fellows in Spring 2021

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Algebraic Statistics

A new journal by Mathematical Sciences Publishers.

Imagine an interdisciplinary team of students from architecture, mathematics, and computer science working together to solve a problem for the city", S. Petrović, IIT Today, July 2021