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Selected (local) algebraic statistics activities

  • This algebraic statistics community homepage has several important recent announcements.

  • *NEW* Nonlinear algebra and statistics (NLASTATS) seminar starts Fall 2019! Find upcoming and past talks here.

  • *NEW* Since 2020, I am a Managing Editor of Algebraic Statistics, the new community-run journal in the field with MSC-2020 code 62R01!

  • Fall 2013 - Fall 2018, the Algebraic Statistics seminar took place weekly at IIT. As of 2016, events are announced on the Department Events page; previous semesters can be found here: Algebraic Statistics seminar pages.

  • Many conferences include special sessions on Algebraic statistics. For example, the 2016 Joint Statistics Meetings hosted an IMS-sponsored Topic-Contributed Paper Session: Algebraic and geometric methods in inference - two decades of algebraic statistics, in July 2016 in Chicago. The 2015 AMS Fall Central Section Meeting also held a special session on algebraic statistics.

  • In May 2014, IIT hosted the 2014 Algebraic Statistics conference, which continues the tradition of biennial algebraic statistics meetings in the US. The previous such meeting took place in June 2012, hosted by Penn State. The Algebraic Statistics in the Alleghenies conference was supported by the NSF, Packard Foundation, the Eberly College of Science, and the Mathematics and Statistics Departments at Penn State.

  • In winter 2011/2012, I was named a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Algebraic Statistics. IIT Library took over hosting the journal in 2015. The journal was discontinued after we published its final volume, in memory of Stephen E. Fienberg in 2019.

Algebraic statistics is a relatively young research area, attracting many researchers from both statistics and mathematics communities. The SIAM activity group in algebraic geometry has many members interested in algebraic statistics. The biennial SIAG meeting usually features multiple minisymposia in the field. National and regional AMS meetings, as well as recent and upcoming national and international IMS and JSM meetings, include special sessions on the topics of theoretical and applied algebraic statistics. In 2014, there was also an algebraic session organized at Computational Statistics meeting COMPSTAT, and in 2015 a special session at the ISI World Statistics Congress. 2014 has been a very busy year for algebraic statistics conferences: Kyoto in January, Chicago in May, NIMS in Korea in July, Prague in August.

The field continues to be visibly active, with dedicated conferences every (other) year: as2012 at Penn State, as2014 at IIT, as2015 in Genova, Italy.