Stat/itmd/ITMS 514 Sp21

Applied computational statistics for analytics

Generating actionable insights from data relies heavily on proper usage of analytics. The foundation of this process consists of two key ingredients: fundamental statistical concepts and corresponding computational tools. This course covers the topics from statistics and programming necessary to understand how such concepts come about, why the algorithms work the way they do, and how to use these in practice. The emphasis is on implementing the foundational procedures in industry-standard programming languages.

A syllabus summary deck
Your professor for the course

Professor Sonja Petrović

Office: This semester, I am fully online; check out Office hours info - Spring 2021.

e-contact: The best way to e-communicate with me is via Campuswire (here is the sign-up link; course code provided during the first lecture). If you must email, please use and put the course number in the subject line. Your message will generally be answered within 1-2 business days, but generally more efficiently on Campuswire!

Graduate assistant

The graduate assistant for this course is Amirreza Eshraghi.

e-contact: The best way to get help is to post a note on Campuswire; you may use the TAOfficeHour chat room. For particular homework grading inquiries you can send a DM on Campuswire, or email

The grading scale will be no more strict than A:90-100, B:80-89, C: 65-79, D:55-64.

Wondering about exam grading?

Midterm/final are graded on a scale of 100 points, broken up as follows:

  • 80 points for complete solutions to the given problems submitted via google classroom;

  • 20 points for the virtual exam ”in-person” focusing on one of those problems (that I will choose at random):

    • 5 points for knowledge of problem: being able to complete the solution ”live”;

    • 5 points for completeness: writing up the details so that the statistics behind the solution makes complete sense;

    • 5 points for clarity of exposition and oral explanation;

    • 5 points for being able to answer a related follow-up question (e.g., a more in-depth explanation of a definition or a concept that the problem is about).

Class meetings & logistics

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will meet online - using Zoom. Check your IIT student email for further information on Monday the first day of classes in Spring.

>> When in doubt, revisit the syllabus snapshot slides above.

Wondering what we will learn this semester?

Learning online

OK, maybe you did not sign up for taking online courses... well, I didn't sign up for teaching online either. But, we are agile; we can do this; we are in this together. I am here to help! Please check out the help pages (Help! and Help getting organized) where I've posted some information you may find useful, or also this resource with tips:

Important dates

  • 19.1. (Tue) classes start

  • 9.2. (Tue) no classes (COVID study day)

  • 10.3. (Wed) no classes (COVID study day)

  • 8.4. (Thu) no classes (COVID study day)

  • 30.4. (Fri) no classes (COVID study day)

  • 7.5. (Fri) last day of classes

  • 10.5. - 14.5. (Mon-Fri) final exams.

    • Our final exam is scheduled for two time slots for some reason: Monday May 10, 2-4pm, and Tuesday May 11, 8-10am. In practice, for us being online, this means we will complete the final exam oral part (Zoom interviews) no later than end of day Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday if necessary. You will have time window of at least 48 hours to complete the final exam, similar to what we did for the midterm.

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where are the course notes?

  • On Campuswire!

      • Campuswire is a class discussion forum, very social-media like, and it contains all the links you'll ever need, including links to videos.

  • Looking for the sharable supplemental R Markdown documents and slides? Check out this page!