Dear friends,

The year 2020 has been very trying for many members of our community, but we can't fail to acknowledge two very important milestones for the field of algebraic statistics: that the 2020 MSC classification now includes 62R01 for 'algebraic statistics', and that a new journal has been established!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of the first issue of “Algebraic Statistics (AStat)”:
DOI: 10.2140/astat.2020.11-1

The first volume---numbered 11 to honour the past work of this community---will consist of two issues with a total of 11 papers, 5 of which are available online now. The second issue is forthcoming soon. AStat will be free to read until the end of 2021; thereafter, it will be available through an MSP or Project Euclid subscription. All papers become freely available 5 years after publication. Our publisher, MSP, is a nonprofit corporation based in Berkeley, USA.

We see AStat as a primary forum serving the broad community in a focused way. As an interdisciplinary endeavor, by definition, a concerted effort will be made for AStat to serve various constituents interested in and interacting with algebraic statistics. We invite the community to send their best work in algebraic statistics to be considered for publication here. This may include contributions which connect statistical theory, methodology, or application to the world of algebra, geometry, and combinatorics in ways that may not be labeled as traditional.

Do enjoy reading the first issue, and we look forward to welcoming your contributions to AStat.

On behalf of the entire editorial board,

Sonja and Thomas

Managing Editors of Algebraic Statistics